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Welcome to Mamba Product, watch our instructional video to learn how to request a quote on our Website.

Video Transcription:

Welcome to Mamba Products,
To request a quote through our website, please follow these steps:


Select the category of products you wish to explore: Plumbing, Hardware, or Irrigation.

Alternatively, use the search function to locate a specific product.

Navigate through the subcategories and make a selection.

Click on the add to quote button, alternatively click on the product to view more information.

Specify the quantity and, if applicable, select the correct size option.

To review your selections for a quote, click on the “View Quote Request” button at the top right.

Review your list of products. You can remove items using the ‘x’ on the left-hand side, and adjust quantities as needed.

Click on the Update list button.

Next to your list, fill in your details, then click the “Send Quote Request.” button.

There you have it! Your quick guide for using the Mamba website.