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About Us

Mamba Products

Founded in 2001, Mamba Product has grown from a small business to a prominent fixture within the Plumbing and Hardware Wholesale and Retail trade. Our clients range from the small to medium hardware/plumbing retail stores to large manufacturing concerns as well as numerous well-known wholesalers with their own client base throughout South Africa and abroad.

Manufacturer and wholesaler of plumbing accessories, general hardware and irrigation products
For 18 years our network of delivery vehicles, representatives and very competent staff have been dedicated to supplying and servicing our customer base that has grown to more than 400 retail outlets and 20 Wholesalers.

Management has successfully taken Mamba to the next level by ensuring to sell value, have availability, to gain knowledge, to give assurances, longevity, be reliable and dependable.

We are proud to say that we have staff members that have been with us for almost 15 years. We believe in investing in and empowering our employees so that they are part of the the growth, commitment and success of Mamba Products.

Happy Customers

We have over 400 retail outlets and 20 Wholesalers….and growing!

New and Innovative

We are continuously adding to our product range and investigating new and innovative products.

Full Services

Our network of delivery vehicles and representatives are dedicated to supplying and servicing our customer base.

Our Products

Growing Product Range

We manufacture a great deal of our products ourselves and strive to add new products to complement our range on a monthly basis.

We have increased our product range from 20 different lines to more than 1000 different lines.

Quality and Availability

We strive to provide value, availability and longevity in our products. It is our mission to stay ahead, be innovative and produce on customer demand.

Cost Effective Processes

We use re-cycled material where possible in the manufacturing process, enabling us to control our costs and and give pricing stability to our clients.

Packaging Flexibility

Our products all either bulk, pre-packed, in blister, clamp or skin packaging. All stock is barcoded. We are flexible whether the products are branded with our logo (Home Necessities) or the customer’s logo (Private label).



+27 21 853 8343
Fax: +27 86 684 0198
Cell:  +27 83 444 9587



+27 21 853 8343
Fax:  +27 86 684 0198
Cell:  +27 83 444 9587



+27 21 853 8343
Fax: +27 86 684 0198
Cell:  +27 83 444 9587

Have More Questions?

We are happy to talk you and source any products you are looking for. Feel free to contact us!


+27 21 853 8343


47 George Street, Strand 7140